Staley Technologies and Broadband Development Group Partnership Expands HyperLeap Footprint

On the edge of emerging tech.

Staley Technologies and Broadband Development Group (BDG) announce a strategic partnership to link BDG’s hyperspeed ISP services with Staley’s nationwide technology deployment reach. Launched in 2015 and based in Little Rock, BDG is the creator of HyperLeap, an unparalleled-in-speed wireless broadband Internet service created to deliver true high speed, affordability and instant access.

We are on the leading edge of emerging tech. This partnership will further serve our clients by keeping them relevant. In 2020, we have partnered with a sustainable wireless broadband Internet service that we trust to serve our clients.

Andrew Faulkner, Owner of Staley Technologies

HyperLeap plus Staley will give Fortune 500 Enterprise level tech-stack to the local level businesses by not only providing speed that surpasses the competition but by also giving small and midsize businesses access to first-party data and analytics that will provide insights to help them run their business.

About BDG

Lou McAlister formed BDG to address the demand for true high-performance, affordable broadband Internet access. BDG’s revolutionary network architecture delivers broadband up to 600% faster, and up to 40% cheaper, for residential and business subscribers in Multi-Tenant Units. McAlister ensures that the customer service is as phenomenal as the product and the partnership with Staley Technologies reinforces that. “We want to be the company that you seek out and choose to do business with. When a problem arises, we work quickly to resolve it. Staley Technologies has used that same philosophy to become the first-in-class national technology partner it is today and is known for its impeccable service.  We are real people, helping people connect and do business on their terms.”

We are excited to be able to contribute to our client’s growth by providing enhanced internet speed. Partnering with Staley, an established technology provider, enables us to get out technology into the hands of of both large and small business owners.

Lou McAlister, founder of DBG

About HyperLeap

HyperLeap uses LAN technology to connect subscribers, in lieu of Cable Modems or DSL, delivering up to 1 Gbps without a modem. Subscribers have the advantage of HyperLeap’s symmetrical connection, which provides a fuller, more robust internet experience. Upload and download speeds are the same for large files, sharing high-definition video presentations or hosting data for quick access. The HyperLeap network connects directly to the subscriber’s devices, and the prepaid subscription model eliminates contracts

Staley’s nationwide capabilities amplify HyperLeap’s client reach, and BDG’s customer-focused product adds to Staley’s array of integrative business solutions. The strategic partnership will allow the companies to work in tandem in the design and deployment of upgrades and improvements with a single point-of-contact.

The partnership will position both Staley Technologies and BDG to better serve clients, together, in new ways as a full-service provider of design and deployment.

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