Anyone can now be anywhere, in the digital sense. Dining at a restaurant was once synonymous with being at a location. Restaurants were brick-and-mortar with X-amount of seats, but then the concept of location changed. The definition of “being somewhere” expanded. Your most loyal base could be customers who may never eat at your restaurant.

Tech now lets potential, and existing, customers interact with restaurants in ways just as rewarding as a physical visit. This tech has also led to creative business models that are redefining the future of dining.

Don’t miss out on your share of hungry diners.

Give guests flexibility with how they order, pay, and where they choose to dine. 32% of millennials order online, and the demand for mobile and online ordering partnered with third-party delivery will only continue to grow.

Each generation has preferences, and catering to each audience can be as simple as spicing up the tech you serve. The future-ready restaurant personalizes the visit and lets the customer have more control over the experience.

Expand reach and increase profit by catering to the next generation through online visibility and offering loyalty programs. 88% of adults check menus and reviews online before visiting a new restaurant, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Posting a menu, even one that changes frequently, has never been easier for eateries. Social media is a clever way some, especially roaming food-trucks and pop-ups, forgo maintaining the traditional website while still keeping up awareness via an online presence.

Loyalty always pays off.

Acquiring new customers, whether through delivery or dine-in guests, is more costly than keeping your existing ones. Loyal customers spend more as well as help you expand your base organically through word-of-mouth marketing.

Existing customers spend 67% more than new ones, and the longer a relationship is maintained, the greater the spend per visit. Customer loyalty programs are a powerful tool that benefits both guest and establishment.

Shorten the time between visits by keeping your base engaged with loyalty programs integrated with ordering capabilities. Without customers, culinary creations cannot delight. Let them know the latest offerings on the menu in addition to offering perks to entice them to return. Repeat customers feel valued, and a few simple changes can keep customers happy with rewards.

Tomorrow’s kitchen

The landscape of the modern restaurant will change tremendously over the next decade. The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) predicts that people will no longer cook meals at home by the year 2030. With that many people dining and ordering out, the face of tomorrow’s establishment will need to be able to evolve to meet consumers on their level. Delivery-only dark kitchens will pop up more and additionally pop-up restaurants will continue to be a novel way to keep diners excited.

With such an increased need for dining establishments looming on the horizon, overall efficiency will determine success. Managing in-house guests and operations, along with pick-up or delivery orders will require a seamless process for taking orders, queueing the kitchen, processing payments, and dispatching/tracking delivery. Undoubtedly, tomorrow’s kitchen will need versatility and flexibility to serve the food, and tech, people crave.

Will your establishment be ready? We know what restaurants need today and tomorrow. The right partner can help you to easily transform your establishment with minimal effort or disruption to existing operations. 

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