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Business Grade Internet

HyperLeap’s revolutionary broadband Internet service has created a stir since its 2015 launch. Consumers love the high speed, affordability, and instant activation. Business owners love the rapid installation and reliability. Property owners enjoy the competitive advantage of having HyperLeap available at their properties.

  • No Contracts

  • No Data Caps

  • No Throttling

  • No Hidden Fees

Up to 1 Gbps without a modem!


Internet providers charge high prices for standard speeds (same download and upload) only where fiber optic is available. HyperLeap provides reliably fast speeds so you can stream for entertainment and upload large files for work; for fast speed all-day, every-day.


Our confidence in providing better service shows with our no-contract-needed philosophy. Our subscribers stay with us, because we offer them 99.99% reliability, no data caps, no throttling, no hidden fees or charges – plus, we focus on friendly, live customer service, convenient on-line payment and the flexibility you deserve. 


A strong internet connection is a necessity, that is why we keep prices low. You’ll find our prices less expensive at each service tier than of our other major competitors’ – and we won’t randomly raise prices on you – saving your wallet and eliminating headaches. No surprises and no contracts - just great, affordable internet.

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With HyperLeap Business, you can get more speed than ever to support more users and applications and do it at a price that any CFO will love. HyperLeap Business is perfect for data intensive companies, voice (VoIP or SIP), video conferencing, on-line learning, and other demanding applications.
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HyperLeap is the perfect service for cord cutters, gamers, and anyone who wants a simple, reliable, and affordable Internet service. Gone are the wires, contracts, modems, data caps, bundles of unwanted services, and the hours spent waiting for a technician to arrive. No more slow speeds, long ping times, and high prices.



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