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Kiosks for Different Needs

Kiosk is a singular term used for multiple types of tech. Designed to address an array of tasks and problems, kiosks are a powerful tool designed to improve service. As a valuable layer of customer-facing tech, kiosks solve many common operational challenges—and some unprecedented ones.

We design and install solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Healthcare settings. Whether you need to add customer convenience, minimize cash handling, or maintain new health precautions, we can connect you with the right solution.

Self-Service Options

Self-service kiosks improve transaction speed by handling payments and receipt printing. And that is just one way to put this option to use. This solution is also a platform for QSR and Hospitality operations to boost brand loyalty programs.

Give customers control.
Customer convenience often means customer control. Kiosks deliver just that, and consumers on average spend 20% more when ordering with a self-service kiosk. Add this versatile option to provide speedy, accurate service and transactions with less employee time.


Average spend per visit when technology is used to place an order.

pay with credit card
Options to fit any operation
countertop kiosk

Interactive Kiosks

Indoor interactive kiosks can be customized with components to suit many needs. Interactive kiosks options provide an informative hub.
Suzohapp Kiosk
Engage, interact, and inform.
With the increased need now to communicate with patrons and staff, interactive kiosks offer an efficient multitasking solution. Post important notices, improve customer convenience with wayfinding, or feature products and services.
Manta Kiosk
Aspens Kiosk