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American retailers lose almost $50 billion annually to theft. Shoplifting accounts for most (36.5%) of those losses.

National Retail Federation Survey, 2018

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A CCTV setup is a fantastic deterrent against crime. While CCTV doesn’t stop someone from stealing or accessing your business if they have their heart set on doing so – a well-placed camera may be enough to make the person decide it’s just not worth it. Respond quickly to problems by monitoring what’s happening in real time and identify specific users. Should anything happen, integrated systems provide documentation of exactly what, when, and by whom the incident took place.

We understand the various security threats in today’s world. With 30+ years of designing, installing and providing maintenance for businesses nationwide, we can create inceptive tech solutions for your business.

Additional Benefits of a CCTV and access control system include:


CCTV and Access Controls can be used in several different ways to benefit your retail or hospitality business – from shrinkage and loss prevention to capturing customer buying patterns. Staley works with clients to manage CCTV design and installation.

Access Controls

We specialize in access controls to help clients monitor and control who accesses specific areas or types of equipment. We will help you determine the right types of controls needed based on your businesses, as well as oversee the installation of these solutions from start to finish.



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