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“The Wi-Fi industry experiences a seismic change approximately every five years.”

(Dennis Huang, Ruckus Sept. 2018)

75 billion
IoT devices

projected to be connected by 2025
(IHS Markit Survey, Nov. 2016)

Even superheroes need a sidekick.

As an aggressively-changing industry, Manufacturing and Distribution relies on forward-thinking tech to stay relevant. Modern operations require up-to-speed wireless networks, connected to a host of bandwidth-hungry devices. Organizing the plenitude of operational needs is balanced upon flexible and resilient network configurations with scalable capacity. From monitoring inventory visibility, maintaining supply chain operations, and managing transportation systems to leading a workforce, supervising automated systems, and administering streamlined execution processes – all are contingent upon ever-improving technology.

Staley offers reliable and innovative turn-key solutions and tools for the challenges Manufacturers, Warehousers, and DCs face: implementing overdue tech refreshes, ensuring regulatory compliance, creating a secure and scalable network, in addition to electrical and lighting upgrades and remediations.

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staley technologies manufacturing

Precision Requires Planning

Staley works hand-in-hand with you, as no needs are ever the same. Our breadth of experience includes managing a complex network transformation schedule for a warehouse retailer across 560 separate sites within 14 months, for just one client. Staley Technologies’ role in project management was pivotal, comprising all stages of planning, scheduling, setting success criteria, and providing regular reports while overseeing day-to-day activities.

Staley Technicians receive special training in use of HEPACART Dust and Infection Containment Systems and abide by high sanitation and safety standards in accordance with federal regulations. To partner with one valued client, our technicians had to receive robust internal training to facilitate strict adherence to rigid quality control requirements in a food manufacturing environment. The wireless network updates in those production and distribution facilities resulted in greatly increased bandwidth capabilities and transmission speeds through new single-mode fiber optic cabling and multi-channel wireless networking equipment.

What did Staley do when a client needed to store $25M of Cisco product prior to installation? Our Project Managers and Technicians engineered a process and software to keep track of 68,000 separate pieces of technology that was later configured, staged, and deployed to multiple locations. A Staging & Logistics Team provided bar-coding, applied configuration images, ensured all devices were working properly before palletization, and then routed for shipment to the site. Tracking information for each shipment was sent in order to keep all parties informed of shipping timelines.

With precision planning, Staley Technologies can transform operations with minimal disruption to current operations. With a large and experienced workforce, Staley can deploy skilled technicians and adjust the workforce depending on the stage of the project. Flexibility of workforce is vital to many of our projects, and Staley Technologies can adjust staff based on client’s needs and timeframe.



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