Manage Intuitively With Fully Integrated Retail POS

Designed with specific retail needs in mind, an all-in-one fully integrated POS that handles everything from e-commerce and loyalty programs coupled with advanced reporting that analyzes customer behavior and tracks inventory can transform your operations. Manage intuitively with a fully integrated retail POS.

Effective retail management is as simple as having the right tools, and an effectively managed business thrives. An integrated POS should accommodate your business needs and meet the customer in every moment. Does your POS have capabilities to accelerate growth and make management intuitive?


Let’s state the obvious: A POS should not be hard to use. Customers get impatient at check-out; processing payments must be lightning-quick everytime when they are ready to pay. 73% of consumers find checkout to be the biggest painspot of shopping, and 20% of those shoppers will simply abandon their cart if lines are too long. Never lose a sale again due to unreliable hardware.

Every second saved speeds up checkout, cuts down on lines and keeps sales from heading toward the exit sign. Mobile payment solutions give you a pre-game plan for times when line-busting is needed by selling straight from the sales floor. Our POS solutions are easy to learn and offer the flexibility you need to accelerate.


Understanding the needs of your customers helps you deliver the best experience, and keeps them coming back. How do you learn the customer’s needs? Guest WiFi and other solutions allow you to track and analyze customer buying and shopping patterns.

Easily accessible and secure Guest WiFi can provide reporting for tracking customers movements for better product placement to tracking in other areas, such as locating equipment or products quickly and accurately. Utilizing the analytics of your POS can reveal hidden painspots and improve guest experience.


Take time to review all analytics reporting that is available from your POS, frequently take a walk through your store to view it from the eye of the consumer and make informed decisions on the best possible placements and planning from your observations. Streamlining is a trial-and-error process. Mining the data at your disposal can simplify the streamlining process.

Create a frictionless experience through a well-crafted plan covering multiple touchpoints. Personnel should have a deep knowledge of the products and store, provide superior customer service in the way shoppers wish to be served and your retail POS system should support an efficient experience with no irritating delays.

It is important to know and accommodate the wide range of shopping preferences, so that your brand interacts with all potential and existing shoppers. While Millennials may prefer a self-service approach, Baby Boomers may be more satisfied with assistance from associates. No matter the preference, you can easily provide the experience each shopper wants with an all-in-one POS.


Engaging your guests throughout the entire shopping experience, and after, creates loyalty which leads to satisfied, repeat clientele all retailers want. Next generation interaction such as digital displays or custom video walls provide opportunities to captivate shoppers or even to improve associate communications. Enhance in-store experience, boost engagement and refine the environment of your operation with creative use of digital displays.


Inaccurate inventory accounting is a multi-billion dollar problem, and the significant effect upon overall performance is often underestimated. Research by an MIT study discovered that discrepancies, mostly phantom inventory issues, cause losses in sales almost five times greater than previously assumed.

There is more than one way to manage inventory, and every business has its own unique way of operating. Efficient inventory management solutions need to be not only flexible but attuned as well to the way you track and manage your operations. It also needs to be integrated fully in that process from sale to re-stock.

Take complete control of your inventory by using a solution that allows you to be as granular as needed. Record detailed merchandise information uniquely in a multiple of ways: group items by category and subcategory; assign multiple units, vendors, and barcodes to each item. Track what is most important by customizing 20 different management fields.

Your POS should give you the freedom to access from any device, and Cloud-based software provides real time updates so inventory is always visible.


Consumers crave knowledgeable associates and regular training will keep associates refreshed on products, pricing and processes. A fully integrated retail platform will empower your employees by providing a reliable base, so that you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Top-notch customer service is taught. Well-trained associates should have a clear vision of how your brand delivers a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

Intuitive streamlined operations is possible with a POS that does more. Read more about featured POS solutions leading among global providers of retail POS.

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