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Handling the day to day tasks is enough to keep you busy. Remembering to update Windows or keep your antivirus definitions current are tasks you don’t have to worry about with our Managed Services for retail and hospitality.

Staley offers:

Guest WiFi

Wireless networks allow your business an increased level of flexibility. Mobility, interdepartmental interaction, and tablet and cell phone integration are just a few of the possibilities.

Ensure complete and uninterrupted WiFi coverage with an audit. Staley technicians survey and locate gaps in the WiFi signal. Noise, radio, and even electromagnetic interference is analyzed to create a layout of where AP’s should be placed for optimal wireless coverage.

With our WiFi engineers to survey and audit your current conditions, design a recommendation, and oversee the installation, we can craft a solution for your needs and budget. Licensed and well-versed, we’ve conducted countless wireless site surveys and installs.

Managed Firewall

Cybersecurity is a priority no matter the size of your operations. It requires vigilant monitoring and management to achieve optimal security benefits. Staley’s Managed Firewall Services provide resilient network security and connectivity without the cost of onsite IT staff, such as  24/7 firewall management, managed security services, cellular failover for network resilience, PCI DSS compliance support, and more.

Content Filtering

Upon configuration as a DNS server for a network, vital security features become effective. OpenDNS solutions block end-users from known phishing, Conficker Command, and Control Callback websites. By first identifying the DNS request and then applying filtering settings, it protects all devices connected to the network. It is the most secure application of OpenDNS features for WiFi networks.

Apply web content filtering to networks in several ways:

Administrators can manage security features applied to networks.and activate the following security features:

PCI Assistance

Keeping up regulations and recent additions mandates is a time-consuming, tedious, and possible liability for your organization.



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