Embracing Tech Keeps Restaurants Relevant

An ever-changing technological landscape requires businesses of all types to adapt, and restaurants are not an exception. Embracing tech keeps restaurants relevant, and investing in new technology maintains your competitive edge in the market.

Important tech requirements for restaurants

Some well-established restaurants manage without the need for much, if any, new technology. But new enterprises benefit from tapping into the same tech embraced by the big chains. Technology improves selling and purchasing, as well as expanding payment and customization options for consumers.

Consider these changes that modernize operations.

Integrated POS

For the most part, the days of recording prices on physical receipts and completing transactions with a simple cash register are over. Most restaurants already use a point-of-sale (POS) system to manage transactions.

In essence, a POS system is the lifeblood of a modern restaurant. A robust POS is more than a way to track income or expenses. Your POS determines the overall vitality of your business. A quality POS system allows you to evaluate your fiscal status by compiling the data from thousands of transactions into one simple, intuitive program.

However, POS systems are not limited to just transactions and data analytics. In fact, many programs integrate multiple facets of the business, from the management of your workforce to loss prevention. These features are vital for an industry seeing shrinking profit margins and increasing demands for fast service.

Digital signage

One of the most effective ways to bring in new clientele is through an impressive visual display. Customers are naturally drawn to businesses with unique signage and an inviting entrance. Digital signs modernize your restaurant and create eye appeal that promotes your business.

Video walls can be useful for the interior of your restaurant. Screens for displaying various media from sporting events to custom media content provides entertainment to customers.

Additional restaurant technology

Delivery app integration

The recent popularity of food delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats has left many small restaurants scrambling to join the craze. If your restaurant does not provide delivery, consider signing your restaurant up as a food provider with one of these applications. Don’t miss out on your share of delivery-only customers.

Touch-screen ordering

Let guest customize orders while freeing up staff time. Choosing from a menu with dozens of items often results in quick, ill-advised decisions. On the other hand, when restaurant-goers are given the ability to take their time and order using a tablet or similar device, better choices and dining experiences are made.

Interactive websites

Another way to streamline the ordering process for consumers is an interactive website. Many potential customers want the simplicity of ordering online without having to pay for the cost of delivery. Building a user-friendly website with an up-to-date menu and an intuitive ordering process can improve your branding and increase revenue. Websites are one of the best ways to market your business online, investing in an online presence pays for itself.

In-house automation

Many restaurants rely on novelty to bring in new customers. Although automation is great for cutting costs and streamlining the ordering/purchasing process, it can also be a simple form of entertainment. Automated technology is becoming more common to place an order and deliver food directly to the table. However, since this kind of technology has not yet been widely implemented, many consumers are still entertained by the novelty of being served by a “robot.”

Embracing tech keeps restaurants relevant.

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