Healthcare is changing and embracing tech on many new levels. Advancements are allowing for better patient care and streamlined workflow, but also come with additional security risks. Outdated tech and the lack of reliable IT infrastructure costs the healthcare industry billions. Digital healthcare is on the rise and requires additional network support.

Private data theft, hacking, denial of services, and other security breaches increase as cybercriminals finding new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. It is crucial to have a reliable IT infrastructure in place to safeguard data in the event of a security breach and maintain compliance with current and future regulations.

8.3 billion in industry losses per year is due to outdated technology.

Ponemon institute research report- The economic and productivity impact of it and security on healthcare

Benefits of digital healthcare collaboration

Digital collaboration is now an essential aspect of the provision of quality services. Moreover in the dynamic healthcare climate, the only way to survive the constant changes is to embrace the innovation. Keep up with the trends. Check out these benefits of digital collaboration.

Improved patient care

Integrating telehealth solutions can help improve collaboration between patients and their care teams. Patient information becomes easily accessible, and treatment outcomes improve significantly.

Remote care solutions increase patient engagement, create better connectivity between care teams, and simplify information access.

Streamlined workflows

Digitalization reduces paperwork and improves access to patient information so that care teams can easily collaborate, share, and view real-time patient data all from a centralized location. This allows clinicians to treat more patients as opposed to a traditional approach to patient care.

Understanding threats

Health care providers have large numbers of centralized databases, however most do not have strong security measures in place. Because most healthcare providers often do not have comprehensive data security measures, they are targets to data-theft. Stolen records, especially Social Security numbers, are especially vulnerable to targeting.

Choosing network security solutions

Data breaches are a costly affair that not only stall your operations, but also risk lost revenue when patients can no longer trust your institution. As a result, every industry has specific needs that must be met by the data security solution chosen.

Choose a network security provider who provides scalable protection against data breaches that fit your specific needs.

Comprehensive protection

Data security is an ongoing, multi-step process. The first step is to formulate a data protection strategy with network security experts in cybersecurity solutions. Compliance with current and future regulations requires maintenance to ensure comprehensive protection.

The next step is to maintain that strategy. Digital healthcare services requires ongoing network support services that allow you to detect security breaches and respond before they can escalate. Because cyberattacks tend to escalate quickly, the associated costs can quickly pile up. Safeguard patient privacy by staying ahead of the game. Data safety is an ongoing process and having continued support services will ensure that above all data is protected.

Digital healthcare requires additional network support. Improve network security with Staley Technologies.



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