Line-busting Solutions

Eliminate The Wait With Line-Busting Solutions

Customers just want to get in and out these days—and reducing customer wait times and avoiding traffic jams is more important than ever for businesses. Fortunately, there are many line-busting solutions to tackle these two problems while also providing valuable data to improve operations and the bottom line.

Line-busting strategies are important for any retail or hospitality business to speed up workflow and maximize revenue during peak business times. Leveraging your POS as a solution is the best way to approach streamlining transactions and reducing those customer wait times. A good place to start these improvements is by understanding and matching customer expectations to the line-busting options available.

POS Options for Line-Busting

Line-busting has one goal: Find the bottlenecks and eliminate them. To find the right technical solution to your efforts, start by learning more about POS integrated solutions that provide insights on foot traffic, speed of product delivery, real-time inventory management, and more. By selecting the right mix of products, you can significantly improve transaction times and keep pace with customer expectations.

  • Mobility. Tablet-based POS options are a great line-busting option. Staff can take orders directly in-line, with wireless handheld devices. In the retail world, this option also provides the additional ability to quickly check inventory and process client purchases right from the sales floor, saving both your customers and your business valuable time.
  • Online & Mobile ordering. The ability to order food from your phone and have it waiting when you arrive has raised the bar on customer expectations. With the right POS solution in place, you can also offer this next-level service. Online, mobile, and app-based ordering and payment options keep customers satisfied while improving accuracy and revenues.
  • Customer-facing Kiosks. Self-serve or self-ordering kiosks were designed as a customer-facing solution for line-busting and other challenges. This option lets customers order at a kiosk near the entrance and then pick up orders as they exit. In addition, self-serve kiosk options increase customer spend on average by up to 20% per order.
  • Sync across Devices + Locations. Seamlessly syncing to your POS presents a forward-thinking option. This solution increases order efficiency and eliminates mistakes with the ability to manage orders, transactions, and inventory across multiple devices in real-time. View stock levels and customer volumes at a glance anywhere in real-time.

Flexible POS Solutions

Depending upon the services and products your business offers, wait times can be improved with the ability to meet customers in line, take orders, and process sales on the spot—or by offering self-serve kiosks. Line-busting solutions are especially useful for businesses that have limited counter space and serve customers one-by-one. However, not every POS system is equipped for all of these tasks.

We can help your business implement the right solution to eliminate the wait and improve the workflow. We offer flexible and versatile POS and other integrated solutions that boost profitability through better customer experiences.

We can help you find ways to eliminate the wait.



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