Preparing for Black Friday and the 2020 Holiday Season

Everything has been done differently this year, and this Black Friday will be no exception.

Even with a few weeks left, there is time for businesses to prepare for the year’s busiest shopping days. Although the crowds are likely to be much smaller than in previous years, businesses can accommodate shoppers and stay profitable during this entire holiday season.

Create A New Black Friday Experience

The old way of shopping on Black Friday, long lines and crowded spaces, will not be viable this year. Create a new Black Friday experience by skipping the traditional “rush” of an early opening. Keep the timing relaxed by extending the sale period and focusing on online sales.

Make this Black Friday a low-pressure affair. Extending sale periods and offering curbside pickup or in-store pickup options provides the flexibility that will attract shoppers. Provide your company’s shipping or pickup options clearly on your website as well as up-to-date stock inventory. Investing in your inventory infrastructure, if your business has not done so, can redefine your online sales all year long.

Promote Online Deals and Gift Cards

Using all of your resources cohesively, such as e-blasts, text marketing, social media presence, and timely website deals can keep sales flowing, even with less foot traffic. Offer special online-only deals and gift card purchase perks, combined with curbside or in-store pickup to attract customers. Creating robust customer loyalty programs now can keep customers coming back throughout the year.

Don’t Overlook Network Security & Wi-Fi

With an online business comes online risks. Every business has its own unique security needs, and unfortunately, cybercriminals never stop trying to exploit vulnerabilities by wrapping them in new disguises. Maintaining network security by using the right provider takes this stress and confusion out of the equation. The right network security provider should be able to recommend a working plan to keep third parties out of your system and keep things running smoothly with Wi-Fi checks and updates. 

With a little prep now, your business can stay profitable for the entire 2020 holiday season—and beyond.

Stay ahead of the holiday shopping season – learn how to protect your network and operations from disruption.



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