Techcentric Businesses: Adapting to Novel Obstacles

How can businesses be ready for novel obstacles? Techcentric businesses pivoted early at the beginning of COVID-19 social-distancing measures by cohesively using the myriad of tools available.

COVID-19 Learning Curve

How can businesses be ready for novel obstacles? Techcentric businesses pivoted early at the beginning of COVID-19 social-distancing measures by cohesively using the myriad of tools available. However, many quickly discovered they lacked the tools to navigate the changing terrain. The COVID-19 learning curve taught the importance of not relying solely on a physical location.

The current hard-learned lessons can shape better decisions for tomorrow. Decisions that prepare operations for unprecedented challenges. Decisions that pivot towards not just an online world, but one where customer interaction and engagement is at the forefront of the business.

What is Techcentric?

Techcentric businesses fully, and often creatively, embrace the potential of the tech available today to inform decisions, connect with customers, and stay open responsibly. Essentially, techcentric businesses utilize layers of tech to create novel solutions.

Techcentric businesses use tech to:

  • Create immersive customer experiences both physically and digitally
  • Improve in-house customer flow and maintain social-distancing 
  • Eliminate touchpoints with cash automation and self-serve kiosks
  • Maintain visibility via social media and e-commerce integrations
  • Identify trends with POS data & analytics tools
  • Be ready for the unexpected

What’s Next for Retail & Hospitality

Retail and hospitality operations remain indefinitely changed. These industries will continue to rely on a techcentric model as the rule, not the exception. Survival in this competitive realm will require safe, secure, and forward-thinking application of tech.

Focus on rebuilding consumer confidence by eliminating touchpoints and fortifying a digital presence.

Rebuilding Consumer Confidence

Safety remains front-of-mind for customers when visiting establishments. Therefore, help your patrons maintain safe distances. For example, FastSensor ADAM, monitors the proximity and concentration of people within a space and notifies staff of issues. Managers can avoid traffic jams by taking measures to linebust. This tech goes beyond the typical AI and also provides analytics by tracking customer engagement, loyalty, and journey.

Offer contactless options wherever possible. Eliminating touchpoints with cash automation and self-serve kiosks is another layer of tech with many benefits. Cash automation speeds up transactions, prevents shrink and loss, and reduces physical contact. Mobile and online payment integrations allow consumers to handle payments so operators focus on service.

Communicate Changes

Communicating with your clientele is more important than ever. Stay in the customer’s view via social media and e-commerce integrations, such as loyalty programs. Updates to websites are time-consuming, but posting new arrivals or menu specials across all your social media platforms is simple. Don’t rely upon your website alone; keep customers regularly informed and engaged with your brand.

Digital signage is yet another layer of technocentricity that creates interaction and aids communication. Think of digital signage as a multitasking engagement tool. In-house digital signage and AV Walls can be utilized to eliminate confusion by directing guests. Entice shoppers with featured products or promotions, and use digital signage to communicate important updates and notices. Digital signage is truly a powerful tool when creatively curated.

Fortifying your online presence allows you to reach audiences that are not venturing out. Tap into delivery services options to expand your footprint beyond your walls. Online ordering and curbside options have kept many businesses afloat.

Ready for Novel Obstacles

Preparation for the unexpected requires agility and the ability to make decisions quickly. Consumers will continue to demand more options and convenience. Consequently, flexibility to meet these heightened consumers expectations will be required. Be ready for tomorrow.

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