Although there is no cure-all for the pandemic—solutions exist. A tech-based COVID-19 strategy may create safer environments that adhere to official protocols and track vital information. The CDC recommends synchronized, layered safeguards to mitigate community risk. These universal precautions include healthy hygiene practices, wearing masks while physically distancing, and staying home when ill. No single strategy alone is sufficient.

The pandemic’s learning curve has not flattened. Concerns about the safe return to educational settings continue rising as states across the nation develop school continuity plans. Following official protocols is the first step in creating a layered, tech-based COVID-19 strategy. Essential businesses, the retail and hospitality industries especially, pivoted early to adopt new tech for unprecedented challenges. Many enterprises became mobile, touchless, and automated.

Additional novel solutions designed to mitigate transmission risk include temperature check stations, social distance monitoring systems, and hand sanitizer kiosks. All of these tools encourage following universal precautions to create safer spaces when layered together.

Safeguard the point of entry.

To date 34 states have mask mandates, requiring people to wear face coverings in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. Safeguarding the point of entry requires closely monitoring access to establishments and implementing tech to reinforce official protocols. Proactive measures, such as mask reminders, temperature screenings, and hand sanitizer stations, may create safer spaces.

Take temperature, not risk.

Temperature check screenings at entry points are increasingly common. The FDA lists these benefits of non-contact temperature assessment devices:

  • Non-contact devices can quickly measure and display a temperature reading so a large number of people can be evaluated individually at points of entry.
  • Non-contact infrared thermometers require minimal cleaning between uses.
  • Using non-contact temperature measurement devices may help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 infections.

Evoke’s multitasking temperature check station adds an additional layer of proactive protection by screening staff or patrons with contactless, automated temperature checks. Screening kiosks reduce the cost of maintaining and monitoring safe access to businesses and establishments. The face detection software reminds visitors to wear a mask if needed. Temperatures are read within 3 seconds, and the display screen message can be customized for high-temperature results. Evoke’s hygienic option uses facial recognition data stored on the kiosk that can securely upload to state databases for aid in contact tracing.

These kiosks are helpful tools that require no staffing. Uses include screening essential people at access points of facilities, such as janitorial services or deliveries. Another possible use is placement near central areas for sport-related or other events. The kiosk even automates record keeping with email notifications. Future-proof with the right proactive solution.

Provide touch-free santizer stations.

Everything is digital now, even hand sanitizer stations. Another multipurpose tool from Evoke is a touch-free, automated digital hand sanitizer station. Designed to maintain footfall and mitigate risk while ensuring compliance with safety guidelines and future legislation, these dispensing units provide yet another layer of safety. The combined digital kiosk screen also converts to a platform for both communication and advertising. Providing access to santizer may help patrons and staff do their part in healthy hygiene practices.

Ensure social-distancing.

It is a huge challenge to ensure proper social distancing. However, up to the moment data on proximity and concentration, not just capacity, is possible with wireless social distance monitoring systems. Fast Sensor ADAM is COVID-19 Tech redesigned as a tool to create friendly social distance controls.

ADAM is the first AI-powered human behavior mapping and interpretation platform made for smarter contact tracing and social distancing. ADAM provides active wireless tracking and also delivers actionable analytics and alerts.

Find the right tech.

Staley remains committed to offering resources, support, and solutions to mitigate risk. We can find the right tech to help create a layered, tech-based COVID-19 strategy.

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