Kiosks: Tech built for COVID-19

Adding techcentric layers to your business is not a mysterious process. Kiosks are an often overlooked layer of tech with long-term value. In short, today’s kiosk does more.

Adding techcentric layers to your business is not a mysterious process. Kiosks are an often overlooked layer of tech with long-term value. In short, today’s kiosk does more. Current kiosk solutions can address many problems, from maintaining health protocols to improving cash flow. Add a powerful multitasking techployee to your operations. There are many options available, but which option is the right fit?

A Fit For Every Business Need

It’s all in how you use it: for future-proofing, cost-saving, or customer convenience. Kiosks solve an array of problems, and today’s options have value-added layers to resolve common operational issues. In a coronavirus-concerned world, managing compliance and safety is a new top priority.

The Touchless, Automated Future

Balancing profitability with managing customer capacity and maintaining social-distancing measures is difficult. Create the touchless, automated environment that will be the future’s definition of open responsibly.

One solution for future-proofing your business, Customer Counter helps mitigate risk by reliably monitoring customer capacity and footfall. The end of the pandemic may be uncertain, but the future will be increasingly touchless and automated. Early implementation of such tech is another responsible way to re-open, stay open, and mitigate unexpected challenges.

Many establishments must manage and minimize risk with precision, and as a result, temperature check stations are becoming more common. These smart, sanitized digital solutions accurately link compliance with new health protocols. Some features, for example, include mask detection with messaging and email alerts with timestamp snapshots. Custom design features also let operators add tailored alerts to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Cash-handling kiosks are not new, but the hygiene of cash recycling kiosks have given new life to old tech. Cash kiosks have re-emerged as the way to efficiently handle cash by not handling it.

There is a lot of cash in circulation. According to the Federal Reserve, cash accounts for 32% of all purchases; almost half are payments under $25. Indeed, a lot of time is spent handling, managing, and accounting for cash. Customer-facing cash recyclers eliminate the middleman and thus human-error. Cash-solution kiosks accept payment, dispense accurate change, print receipts, scan for fraudulent bills, and even bundle and bag currency for deposit. All of this translates into time saved on labor and better profit margins by reducing error and theft.

Value-added Customer Convenience

Customer convenience equals control. Customers prefer to have control during transactions. With this in mind, cater to customers by letting them take the lead from ordering to paying and more.

Kiosks function like a multitasking techployee that never needs a day off. Kiosks additionally speed up transactions by eliminating touchpoints. Speedy, accurate transactions help keep customers flowing smoothly and aide in social-distancing by preventing traffic jams. Cash-handling kiosks hygienically handle cash without error. In contrast, interactive and wayfinding kiosks help with store-flow and provide vital information and communication to patrons of daily operational changes.

Increase Customer Spend

Surprisingly, customers spend 20% more when using self-serve kiosks. In 2016, food and beverage self-service kiosks generated annual revenues of $218 million. Since 2016, consumers have adopted these options eagerly, and those revenues have soared. The Self-Service Market Technology report, published by Allied Market Research, forecasts a global market of $31.75 billion by the end of 2020. But how do kiosks impact consumer spending? Self-service kiosk are carefully designed and incorporate psychology to create the perfect user experience. Above all, a kiosk is engineered to be the perfect employee.

Solutions, Service and Support

Fortunately, there are many creative kiosk options available based on your business model and needs. From self-service payment terminals to interactive wall-mounted way-finding solutions, today’s kiosks are particularly powerful tools. Staley Technologies not only installs but also designs creative kiosk solutions for techcentric clients and businesses.

Staley Tech’s Kiosk Solutions:

  • Temperature-Check Stations
  • Customer Counter
  • Customizable Cash Handling/Recycling
  • Interactive / Wayfinding
  • Countertop / Space Saving
  • Floor Stand / Free Standing
  • Wall-Mounted

Staley Tech provides POS & Kiosk Hardware, Installation, Service and Support from 8 locations across the United States.

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